The Opinion Polls and Survey Studies Unit was established to coordinate and conduct surveys on a range of different political, economic and social issues within Palestine.


  • Conduct opinion polls in the Palestinian Territories.
  • Conduct rapid studies on ‘hot topics’ on which data is immediately needed.
  • Conduct economic, social and political surveys to fulfill the Unir's general mission
  • To make survey and poll data available to local and international organisations.
  • To establish a database containing the results of all polls and surveys undertaken by the Unit.

The Opinion Polls and Survey Studies Unit runs a number of activities, such as:

  • Organising periodic workshops and conferences to discuss poll results.
  • Organising brainstorming workshops to evaluate the Unit's progress and efforts and to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the questionnaires that it uses.
  • Support researchers and academics with accurate scientific results from the polls carried out by the Unit.

The center conducted more than 50 public opinion polls  since its established, and two Exit Poll at ‎the presidency election day and the PLC election day. In addition to many special polls.‎