The Supportive Education Program aims to make the right to education meaningful by combating major barriers to education and advance equal access to quality education for all.

Education is the cornerstone of all societies. It lays the groundwork for the future direction of people’s lives and the societies they live in. It is a fundamental human right and essential for the exercise of all other human rights and for social, political, and economic participation.

The Community Service Centre offers this program to help students with learning difficulties overcome the barriers to learning which result from social and economic factors of their families.

How It Works!‎

A group of volunteers from An-Najah University and the local community plays a significant role in the Supportive Education program. Each volunteer works with a group of children with special educational needs (maximum 5 children) to help them overcome the barriers they encounter in education. This is done by adopting appropriate teaching methods and creating an all-round positive learning experience - both in teaching and learning process. 

The volunteers also help individual cases do their homework and other tasks to make the teaching process much more effective.

Developing Training Programs for Staff and Volunteers

The Community Training Unit of the Community Service centre offers the program's staff and volunteers training programs on human rights such as the right to education and the right to freedom of opinion and expression as well as other rights to prepare them to do their tasks.

Program Accomplishments:

The Community Service Centre offered 200 volunteers who helped more than 610 students in 32 different schools.

The program organizes several extracurricular activities that aim at motivating students and volunteers and involving them in‏ ‏psychosocial support‏ ‏and recreational activities provided for children‏ ‏and school principals such as drawing on the walls.

The Community Service Centre works each year with 35 different schools in Nablus and it offers nearly 200 volunteers to help about 900 children.