The Philanthropy Forum program is a social program that provides moral and financial support for humanitarian cases, directed by a voluntary committee of women at the Community Service Center.

The Community Service Centre depends on the efforts of its staff and volunteers from An-Najah University and the local community to achieve the center's goals.

The forum seeks to build a bridge between campus and the Palestinian local community through the different programs offered by the centre, including the Supportive Education program, the Orphan Sponsorship program, the Housing program, the Social and Psychological Support program and the Elderly Care program.

It is worth mentioning that the forum established a fund at the Finance Department of An-Najah University. The fund aims to offer finical support that helps the centre’s programs achieve their goals by organizing charitable activities and gathering donations from different institutions and individuals from the local community.

Since establishment, the forum has contributed to support poor families and orphans by offering them university grants, school fees, medicines and many other important needs.