In cooperation with McGill University, the An Najah Community Service Centre was established in 1999, grew out of the desire to adopt the rights-based community practice model, developing a true human rights advocacy organization in Nablus.

The CSC has sought to ensure community participation, broken down into three levels:  First, organizers had community members as active decision makers. Second, programmes were to be driven by volunteers, and third, that beneficiaries must be directly involved in solving their own problems.

Early goals included raising awareness on issues of human and social rights as well as those with special needs; studying community needs and the ability of available services to meet those needs; and development of programmes and activities to increase participation of all groups in community life, with the aim of creating a healthy civil society.

How it Works?

The CSC works to empower the weakest members of Nablus society through the promotion of rights awareness and action, furnishing citizens with the tools and encouragement necessary to become self-reliant, and to advocate for their own rights and those of the community at large.

Based on the vision and mission of An-Najah University, the CSC works alongside the community to help them meet their basic needs and to develop solutions to their social and economic problems. The CSC enables more than ‎‎3000 students each year, from across all disciplines, to perform 32 hours of volunteer work in the community as An-Najah is deeply committed to university-community partnerships.