The social service and community development programs of the Community service center at An-Najah National University, work in a variety of ways to improve the lives of local community, staff and students especially those living on the margins.

Through the Poverty and Hunger Reduction Program, the Center is particularly striking in the context of the new SDGs because the program aims to eliminate causes of poverty, increase self-sufficiency of individuals and families and revitalize communities.

The Center also announces through this Program that it is fully ‎prepared to provide blankets and food to the homeless. The Center ‎also provides meals, and bread to families struggling with hunger and ‎poverty.‎

The Poverty and Hunger Reduction Program also aims to improve ‎living conditions, and ‎provide healthy and safe community ‎environments for individuals or ‎families in need of shelter as well as ‎support low-income, elderly or ‎homeless populations through the ‎rehabilitation and renovation of houses ‎and communities.‎

The Center is critically an important local center that address the ‎social, and economic challenges impacting our communities in ‎Palestine. It creates a rich space for collaboration between the ‎University and the local community as the Center seeks breakthrough ‎ideas and leadership actions towards meeting the UN Sustainable ‎Development Goals.‎

The Center is committed to building coalitions with government, ‎business, the nonprofit sector, and others to bring together local ‎voices, and create a world that is more equitable for future generations ‎in Palestine. The Center is a community partner that brings the SDGs ‎to life.‎

In this regards, the faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at An-Najah National University in collaboration with Palestinian Bureau of Statistics and Ministry of Social Affairs has signed an agreement to implement programmers and policies to end poverty and hunger in all its dimensions.