The unit Contribute to the development plans of the Palestinian economy and the Arab world in the provision of scientific and technical expertise, competencies, and in support of public and private institutions and agencies in Palestine.

The Unit participates in accomplishing the University's mission of serving the Palestinian society in the following ways:

  • Offering studies, consultation and technical services for public and private sector institutions both inside and outside Palestine (the Unit supervises the organisation of these services and their management and provides follow-up on the implementation of the services for a fee).
  • Developing the University's potential and capabilities in offering these services, as well as providing moral and material incentives and encouragement for University employees to contribute to the Palestinian society's development plans.
  • Sponsoring and holding seminars, conferences, symposia and training courses to develop the expertise, abilities, scientific and professional skills of participants so that they may better contribute to the advancement of the Palestinian society.

The Unit is committed to encompassing teachers with the highest qualifications to join its training staff, we desire that our staff members include professional faculty members from all different academic departments within our University.

Also we work hard to attract staff from other institutions - public or private - who possess the best scientific and practical expertise.

By having a highly trained staff, the Unit of Continuing Education ensures that the quality of the training offered will meet the needs of our students who join our training courses.

The Continuing Education Unit works in different fields and employs experts and specialists who work in the University's various centers, faculties and administrative departments.

Its work includes the following:

  • Conducting studies and research that aim to develop work at the different governmental and public institutions specialising in the fields of administrative, educational and legal development.
  • Providing technical support and consultancy for different institutions.
  • Providing technical support with respect to hospitals' management and administration.
  • Providing scientific experiences to develop medical careers.
  • Providing technical support and experiences in the different fields of agriculture and conducting studies in the same field.
  • Conducting economic and development feasibility studies for public and private institutions.
  • Preparing and developing accounting laws and regulations for public and private institutions and providing necessary technical support to facilitate their enforcement.
  • Developing educational curricula in governmental and private schools as well as in different higher education institutions.
  • Holding training courses in the different scientific fields in order to meet the needs of the local society such as: computer training courses, language courses, management, economic feasibility, tourism guidance, surveying, electricity, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and AutoCAD.
  • Cooperating with Arab and international organisations in conducting research and projects.